Isom students embracing new music possibilities

Isom students embracing new music possibilities
Posted on 11/02/2017

New music teacher Josh Jorgensen didn’t waste any time in making music a priority at Isom Elementary. Jorgensen started an Honors Choir early on, available to fourth and fifth grade students, and it has ballooned to roughly 50 students.

The initial goal is to teach the students how to project and sing clearly so they can lead the school in the early November Veterans Day assembly. From there, though, expect the choir, which meets during recess on Wednesdays, to put an emphasis on instruments and ensembles.

Jorgensen plans to incorporate more guitar, xylophone and drumming into the curriculum to “give kids who want the challenge the opportunity.” After Veterans Day, the choir will dive into cultural and folk music. Expect drumming to get featured then and guitar in the spring.

During the first meeting, Jorgensen says it blew him away how much interest there was, both from students who want to sing and others looking forward to the instruments. “The school I came from I would have never gotten that much interest,” he says.

Come Veterans Day the entire school will hear the benefits of Jorgensen’s Honors Choir, but don’t expect the benefits to run out any time soon.