Levy 2020 ~ For or Against

Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy

Facilities and Technology Levy


In February of 2020, voters in the Lynden School District will be asked to renew a four-year Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy and approve a levy request for facilities and technology. The current EP&O levy expires in December 2020. The Facilities and Technology Levy addresses specific needs related to facility maintenance, school safety and technology.

In the Lynden School District, the Educational Programs and Operations Levy supports almost 12% of the day-to-day operations of the overall educational programs across the district. As such, it is an essential resource in making sure both classroom and extracurricular activities for students remain intact. While the levy amounts to be collected will increase each year to account for inflationary variables and projected enrollment growth, the Lynden School District Board of Directors has worked to establish and maintain a relatively stable tax rate for property owners.

Throughout the budget process, consideration was given to the necessary scope of each the ballot measure to ensure continuation of current programs and services to students and address the growth taking place in the Lynden community. The Board took formal action on a resolution at the November 14th meeting, setting parameters for the ballot measure to be placed before our voters in February.

Recent legislation requires the District to appoint two committees of up to three members each to provide statements for or against the levy for the Voters Pamphlet. Anyone interested in participating in this activity is encouraged to contact the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant, Shari Shagren at 354-4443.

If you have additional questions about the Levy, please contact the Lynden School District Office.