Whats New

What's New in the Tech Department

 Summer 2017
 Summer 2017 was quite the busy time with a new school (Fisher) being completed and migration of the infrastructure to be more cloud-based.

Major projects:
Design and implementation of the new Fisher school, including MDF and IDF plus racks, switches, programming.
Migration from on-premesis email (Exchange) to hybrid Exchange-Online, allowing easier integration with Office 365.
All staff migrated to Office 365
New Internet firewall implemented
new student laptop hardware selection completed
8 new laptop carts purchased and installed.

Summer 2016
  • This summer was a busy time for the tech department. Major projects included:
  • New CTE computers in multiple labs and classrooms.
  • eRate subsidized wiring upgrade in all three elementary schools.
  • Creation of new computer labs in the high school and middle school.
  • upgrade of our server infrastructure with upgraded email, file and application servers.
  • New laptop carts for middle school.
  • Replacement of outdated laptop carts for all three elementary schools and the high school.
  • Replacement of outdated desktops at all schools.
  • Upgrade of district website

Winter/Spring 2016

Winter/Sprint 2016 projects included:

Implementation of Office365 and Google for staff district-wide.
Migration of district website.
Upgrade of Microsoft Office from 2010 to 2013