Lynden Middle School Construction
Lynden Middle School Construction
Posted on 11/15/2016
Lynden Middle School ConstructionConstruction News - June 2017

    Fisher Elementary School
    We are only 3 months away from opening the new Fisher elementary School.  Students are scheduled to start the 2017/18 school year in a new school building.  There is a great deal of work to do between now and then but it will all get done.  There will be some things that will still need to be finished in September.  It is likely the landscaping, parking, and bus loop will still be in progress.  This will make the first month of the school year a bit challenging while we work around the ongoing construction that will still be in progress.  In addition the 4 extra classrooms added to the project will not be completed until January.  This means that construction crews will still be on site and there will be some noise to contend with around the east end of the school.

    • Moving west to east the wall finishing in the interior and on the exterior are being applied.  Paint, wall coverings, and siding have all begun. 

    • All systems are also being finalized (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, alarms, and wiring for technology are being installed.  As with the paint and wall coverings this is happening in the west end first and moving to the east.

    • As the systems are completed the grids for drop ceilings are being put in place.

    • In the next few weeks cabinetry will be delivered and installed first in the west end moving east.

    • The old structures are scheduled to be demolished a few days after the end of the school year. 

    Lynden Middle School
    If you were to tour the MS site you would see that the gym walls have been constructed to almost 20 feet.  The final height will be 24 feet.  In addition, progress in the classroom wings in moving forward as well as preparation for the final slabs in the commons, music and kitchen areas.

    • Most of the framing for both floors of the classroom wings is completed.

    • Roofing material is scheduled for installation next week.

    • The administration offices are being framed as well as the second floor library above the admin offices.

    • Slabs for the commons, administration offices, kitchen, wood shop and music rooms are scheduled for the end of this week and next week.

    • Fields are being prepared with an irrigation system and fortunately we have a well on the property to take care of any field and ornamental beds.  Fields will be seeded in July.

    • Plans are being finalized for tennis courts.

    Move in date is scheduled for June of 2018 with students starting school in the fall of 2018.

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