Fisher Elementary - 1st Wall
Fisher Elementary Construction
Posted on 11/15/2016
Fisher Elementary ConstructionConstruction News - February 2017

While construction progress at both sites continues to move forward the behind the scenes work to coordinate the many details takes a great deal of time and effort to make sure each is considered and addressed. Construction meetings take place each week where the architect, contractor, and school district go over the information needed to make sure the building design is appropriately described and transferred to the actual construction of the facility.
I have great appreciation for the collaborative approach demonstrated by our architects and contractors. They truly do have the district in mind when processing through each item that comes up.

Fisher Elementary School

With good weather (meaning the deep freeze has let up) crews at Fisher are back at it in full force.

• Framing is moving east as the classroom wings are taking shape
• Electrical is starting to pull wires for power and data beginning in the mostly framed west wing
• Steel supports for sun shades have been put in place on the south side of the building
• Some ceiling joists have been set in preparation for second story framing that will move from the west wing to the east wing
• Plans are being finalized for a bus loop, parking area, and student drop off

The new school will take 12 months to build and the new Fisher Elementary School will be ready for kids by September 2017.

Lynden Middle School
Most of the work at the MS site has focused on prepping the site for construction.

• Most of the plumbing has been set and trenches should be back filled this week
• Foundation forms for part of the classroom wings have been built and are ready for concrete this week
• Once the plumbing is covered up the site will be leveled again and electrical will be set the under slab components prior to pouring the slab.
• Most of the underground storm drains have been installed and connected

The MS project is anticipated to take between 16 and 18 months to complete. It is possible students could move into the school during spring break (first week of April) 2018. However, moving into a new school is a huge task and it may be better to move school supplies, equipment, and everything else necessary to operate a school in the spring and summer and begin school with students in September 2018. This decision will be made as we get closer to the completion date.

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